My goal for every wedding is to bottle up all of the emotions, tiny moments, and feeling of the flowers, fabrics, the taste of cake- and pour it out with my camera. As the wedding industry has grown exponentially via social media, there are staged moments that that couples ask about, photos found online to be recreated. Your wedding is not one staged moment after another, rather, it is simply your wedding.

When you receive your wedding photos back, I don't want you to be looking at a string of staged moments. I want your gallery to be a curated, personal book of memories that are frozen in time. As you sit with family and flip each page of your album, I want you to laugh, cry, and RE-LIVE the magic. Authentic. Genuine. Something that pulls at every heart string in your chest.
I want to laugh & cry with you on your wedding day. Let's find that old school, vintage romance that lives deep in your hearts and bottle it up forever.

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for romantic old souls in a modern world



my passport is up to date & bags are packed. if your dream wedding requires travel, your dream just became my dream.
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terra & Hazen

Working with Rachael was an absolute dream. She kept every detail of what we were looking for at the top of her mind. Wrangling family and friends can be  its own job and Rachael's organization and professionalism made sure every photo was captured on our big day within the schedule. We can't say enough about how perfect the experience and the end product was!

"Working with Rhody was an absolute dream"