-Moira, Schitt’s Creek

“Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself, NOW. You may currently think, I’m too spooky… but believe me. One day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, 

Dear God, I was a beautiful thing.”


It is so important to me that you know these sessions are not just sexy pictures in lingerie. We are preserving this moment in time when you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. We are celebrating your body, exactly as it is. Whether this session is intended as a gift for someone special or a gift to yourself, I want you to know how beautiful you are, just as you are.

by rhody ray

Lace & Laughs


These photos will LOOK LIKE YOU. I don't over-edit or photoshop. I will do some light spot editing for blemishes or scars (upon your request), as well as some smoothing out of the skin to even tones, but otherwise- these will look like you just as the day you walk into the studio. These pictures will be full of personality and LIFE. You will be laughing. Smiling. Moving. There will be emotion with the movement. They will be YOU, just as you are.

I love being your best hype girl, but if friends make you feel more comfortable and less anxious, they are always welcome! There is a spacious bathroom where you can change and touch up hair/makeup if needed and a TV/Netflix in the waiting room.


by Rhody Ray

Lace & Laughs

When you walk in there will be music and we will be dancing - together! We’ll laugh and I’ll demonstrate my (not so awesome) twerking skills. Your session will be more prompted and less posing- which means I will ask you to DO something rather than to stand a certain way. This creates movement in your photos, as well as helps me capture natural smiles and laughs. I want you to enjoy yourself every second that we're together. I will NEVER post a photo from your session to social media or use it for marketing without your consent. Nobody will know what we worked together unless you want them to know.


- Alyssa C

"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Rachael and my boudoir session. I’ll admit I was a little bit nervous about the experience, but that feeling was gone almost immediately. Rachael is such a fun person to be around and has a way of making you feel so beautiful. She knows exactly what to say and how to coach you into looking like a HOT FIRE FLAMES supermodel. I left my session feeling so empowered and confident. We didn’t want it to end! I still can’t stop looking at my gallery of photos. They are classy while still being very sexy. My fiancé almost died. I could not be happier and I can’t wait to do it again."

"If you’re wanting to do boudoir- even a little bit, DO IT, and do it with Rachael! You will not regret it."

- Layne S.

"Rachael is seriously the kindest and most wonderful person you’ll ever meet! She is so talented and crazy amazing at her job. She’s easy to get along with, makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera, and she truly makes it a great experience. She puts a lot of pride into her work & it shows!"

"I can not recommend her enough! I absolutely loved my session with her and look forward to future ones."